Elmhurst Geeks and the Shattered Star

Heroes Move On

A Hero Falls

30 Rova – 8 Lamashan 4712

So our heroes moved on to search this level of the Lady’s Light, discovering amazing Thassilonian relics and facing a fiendish creature who toyed with the groups’ mind, but fell to their blades and magic.

When the group was confident that they had searched all there was to search, they descended down the stairwell. When they reached the landing they found a lurid sculpture of Sorshen, legs spread and inviting. A sign in gold above the statue read: “If you wish to enter my domain, sweet slave, prostrate thyself and demonstrate proper devotion. So Searos did, performing cunnilingus on the statue, properly, and found himself transported to another level.

His comrades followed his lead, went down on the statue, and were all transported deeper into the Lady’s Light.

On they moved, spending days fighting lacedons, a crazed cave giant who thought she was Sorshen, giant undead bats, and a sea hag who made her lair in the depths of the Lady’s Light. When our heroes defeated this vile hag, they discovered a tortured prisoner, a Gray Maiden warrior who fell out of favor with Sorshen, the Runelord of Lust, and was betrayed by her comrades.

This Gray Maiden, Helenda Mertien, was glad to out of the clutches of the sea hag, who she called, “Daefu,” and was able to provide aid and some insight to our heroes. Beyond allying herself with the group to face her treacherous former comrades, Helenda mentioned that she had been visited by Sorshen, herself, but during her torture, she noted that Sorshed seemed to rebel and argue against herself, and at one time the arguing was so intense, that Helenda swore Sorshen became some kind of winged demon, but she also thought her tortured mind might have been playing games with her.

So, armed with this knowledge, and an ally, the group powered through the Gray Maiden barracks. After clearing out the Gray Maidens, and thanking Helenda, who took gold, armor and weapons and left, our heroes cleaned out what was left of the level. During which, they found an ancient perfume room, and a long hidden and forgotten temple to the demon Nocticula.

Fighting off Shadow Hounds guardian, our heroes recovered treasure and a holy symbol from this temple, items that might impress the Magnimarian artist, Ayavah, who had contracted the group to retrieve demon relics from the Lady’s Light.

Moving on, the group found a teleportation device that led them to another chamber on this level, however, this trip was not without issue. As Kellfrid arrived first and found herself outnumbered by a group of lustspawn, whose millennia of celibacy drove them to overpower the barbarian and begin to violently rape her.

But, her party arrived soon enough and rescued their comrade from this predicament and lay low the foul creatures.

And on they pressed, facing and defeating a powerful lustspawn sorceress and another band of Gray Maidens. Uncovering more lost Thassilonian wonders, in a room covered in blood, they encountered a family of vampire mists and when they were defeated, made an amazing discovery: a mural depicting Sorshen’s plan to survive the apocalypse that destroyed Thassilon.

As the group studied this, three babau demons emerged to defend the mural. The battle was brutal and did not leave our heroes unscathed. At the end, Rhondal Belliveau, Varisian rogue, was left dead.

Gathering his body, and putting it in their Bag of Holding for burial later, the survivors ascended a stairway they discovered 200 feet into the Lady’s Light, and found a large room eight alcoves. Seven of the alcoves housed a statue of one of the Runelords, while the eight was empty. Flowery Thassilonian script was on the floor, but due to its intricate writing, proper translation was difficult.

Gedryr translated the passage to read: “She who desires to ascend the Lady’s Light must first deign to embrace the Lady and the Lie.”

Meanwhile, Searos translated the passage as: “She who desires to ascend the Lady’s Light must first deign the embrace those with whom the Lady Lies.”

Our heroes mourned their loss and pondered their choices.



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