Kellfrid Yngvildrsdottir

Teenage adrenaline junkie alcoholic with a gambling habit.


Kellfrid likes to talk about all the times she’s done really cool things. Like wrestling seals, and drinking a lot, and axe-throwing contests she would have won if the other guy hadn’t cheated, and this one time this Varisian wizard acted all tough and then cheated her out of all her money so she was hungover and missed her longboat and got stuck in Sandpoint. Also, once she punched a shark, right in the face, and it got scared and swam away.

Kellfrid is tall and wiry, with muscular shoulders and arms from years of rowing. She has a lot of nervous energy and is only still and quiet when she’s sleeping or in a drunken stupor. She has coppery red hair in two braids and sticking out from under a dented helmet with seagull wings wired to each side. She wears beat-up scale mail, laced-up sealskin boots, and carries a wooden shield with faded paint and a longsword in a worn scabbard. Her prized possession is her magic ice spear, Icicle, which she bought with the winnings from that card tournament in Magnimar. Remember when she won the whole pot? That was awesome.


So, after that Varisian wizard made her miss her longboat, Kellfrid was stuck in Sandpoint, broke. It was really boring, except for when she met Gurion. He’s a lot of fun. Kellfrid found odd jobs around town, mostly guarding things, but never kept them for long, because what they don’t tell you when you take the job is how freaking boring guarding is. You have to stand there and not move and only talk to people if they try to get past you, and despite the fact that it’s so dull and easy a sheepfarmer could do it, you’re not supposed to drink while you guard. So guarding didn’t work for Kellfrid.

Fates goes as she will, and one of the guard jobs Kellfrid had was at Ayra Lenoriel’s brothel. She heard a lot of stories about how much fun Ayra had fighting giants and wizards (Kellfrid really hates wizards. Magic is so creepy, although she’s getting used to healing magic and the kind of magic that makes awesome ice spears). Anyway, so when she heard that someone at Ayra’s mansion in Magnimar needed people to do interesting work that wasn’t guarding, she grabbed her sword & shield & Gurion and headed south.

Kellfrid fell to the alu-demon, Ashamintallu, in the Lady’s Light.

Kellfrid Yngvildrsdottir

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