Whipsers in Magnimar

The hot summer is a portent of the end of the world. It has to be…What else could explain it

There’s all kinds of critters nesting in Hollow Mountain. Nesting and leaving the mountain. They’re bound to come to Magnimar, the freaks.

Nidalese slavers are prowling the docks in the wee hours, kidnapping people and sailing off with them. And it’s not random, this seems to be a sustained and coordinated effort. Nidalese scum. Can’t trust them…

Goblins…Always rumors of goblins.

There seems to have been a lot of travelers coming from the east who has met someone who’s met someone who’s met someone who’s seen a giant, ancient dragon, flying low…Looking hungry. Problem is…Each person seems to have seen a different color dragon…

Some whispers have begun that a new series of murders have occurred and the watch hasn’t been able to do anything about them. People whisper that these murders are frighteningly similar to the Skinsaw Murders of 4707.

There seems to be a growing sense that with the increase of Pesh and Flayleaf addicts, there will be a turf war between the rival dealers and suppliers. Plus, with all “them from over the Crown” coming and pushing their drugs, opium seems to be a growing trade, too. While the problem is still small and almost unnoticed, some people say that the recent spate of missing people is indication that these are the first victims of this problem.

Whipsers in Magnimar

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