The Heroes of Sandpoint

From that fateful day, when five young strangers chose to stand together to defend Sandpoint from a villainous goblin raid, to the final, epic confrontation against Karzoug, Runelord of Greed, Ruler of Shalast high in his fabled city of Xin-Shalast, thus saving Varisia from the shackles of Thassilon reborn, this group has overcome all they’ve faced and emerged with untold riches.

Who along the Lost Coast doesn’t know their names: Lindin Vandroxan, Chelaxian Ranger and Nobleman; Bahne Verember, Dwarven Fighter; Ayra Lenoriel, High Priestess of Calistria; Deivon Altorre, The Chosen One of Varisian Lore; and Erekhil of Korvosa, Liked to Spring Even When He Couldn’t. While many may doubt the veracity of some of their more fantastic tales of Lost Cities, Runeforges, Haunted Cabins, Rune Giants, Lamia Matrons, and killing a Runelord, there are few between the Hook Mountain and Riddleport who don’t respect their honor and courage.

While their adventuring days are behind them, the five Heroes still represent the power of light against the darkest of threats.

So, the next time you’re sitting snug and safely in your favorite tavern, a mug of ale in your hand, raise a toast to the Heroes of Sandpoint. The peace, prosperity and freedom you enjoy was paid for with their blood.

The Heroes of Sandpoint

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