Shattered Star Revelations

The Star of Xin was a powerful defensive item created by the founder of the empire, Xin, over 11,000 years ago. Xin was an exiled Azlanti who sought to explore the power of magic in ways that ran contrary to the strict Azlanti mages.

It is said to contain the seven different skymetals fused into one Sihedron, each attuned to one of the seven schools of Thassilonian magic. Divination magic wasn’t respected by Thassilon, so it is never represented.

The legend states that even if one section is broken off from the Sihedron, the entire star will shatter. This theory is supported by the fact that when Xin’s territorial governors, the Runelords, rebelled against him, the item was broken into seven individual shards. It is said, each Runelord then claimed one shard for their own.

However, since the time of the Earthfall and Thassilon’s end, the shards locations have been hidden, unknown or moved by those who did not know what they possessed. And, to anyone’s knowledge, the Shattered Star has never been reassembled.

However, since the Shattered Star is meant to be whole, each individual shard bears its own unique curse (which you know to be true), but this curse can be suppressed by affixing a specific type of ioun stone to the shard.

Additionally, since they were part of a whole, they are still linked in the magical sequence imprinted upon them during its creation. Therefore, by using one shard, the path to the next shard in the sequence should be discerned. It is said that the shard will point to one of the shard’s opposing magical schools, as determined by Thassilonian magical law.

This should provide a path to locate the remaining six shards.

Since the Shard of Envy was first discovered, the remaining Shards order in the sequence was deduced as follows:

Shard of Greed: Associated with Transmutation magic; made of black adamantine. Pale blue rhomboid ioun stone. Enhances speed and improved ability when attacking.

Shard of Lust: Associated with Enchantment Magic; made of a djezet alloy. Pink and green sphere ioun stone. Allows limited mind control and enhances ability to react to danger.

Shard of Gluttony: Associated with Necromantic Magic; made of inubrix; pink rhomboid ioun stone. Increases ability to withstand damage and grants the power to absorb the health of foes.

Shard of Envy: Associated with Abjuration Magic; made of noqual; Dusty rose prism ioun stone. Enhances defenses and the dispelling of magic.

Shard of Wrath: Associated with Evocation Magic; made of siccatite; Deep red sphere ioun. Allows the creation of bursts of fire and enhances weapon damage.

Shard of Sloth: Associated with Conjuration Magic; made of abysium; incandescent blue sphere ioun stone. Allows the summoning of monstrous minions and provides insight and focus to spellcasting.

An ancient tome, never translated from Thassilonian, does reveal, however, that once the Shards begin to be awakened, the final shard in the sequence might be able to follow the sequence in reverse, back to the beginning.

It also revealed the notion that the curse involved with the Shard of Sloth might be one that limits, or even, prohibits, the compulsion to seek out the next shard in the reverse sequence. That may provide some level of safety if the Shard of Gluttony is in someone or something’s possession and not hidden away in some long-forgotten vault.

Shattered Star Revelations

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