Elmhurst Geeks and the Shattered Star

The Adventure Begins
Boy...I Hope That Stuff Wasn't Expensive...

3 Rova 4712

A miserably hot, muggy day greets five young adventurers, each called to a meeting at the famed adventurer, Ayra Lenorial’s manor in the ritzy Naos neighborhood in Magnimar. While rain is on the horizon, it hasn’t arrived yet.

Following the Leads
A Friendly Introduction to the Pathfinders

3 Rova 4712

Out into the pouring rain goes our group of adventurers. Deciding to meet with this The Amazing Culhwch the Amazing, Rhondal guide the group down to the Shore, to the area in Beacon’s Point known as “Washer’s Row.” Washer’s Row is a tangle of open-air washhouses, laundry establishments, Varisian wagons and tents, shoddy tailor shops and other assorted, shops for the lower income residents of Magnimar.

Rhondal cautions his companions, “Keep your coin purses tight and out of sight, and keep your eyes peeled, Washer’s Row isn’t for the wary…”

Slavers, Shadow, Shit
The Pathfinders say, "Hi..."

4-5 Rova 4712

The day dawns bright and clear over Magnimar as our heroes begin their day. The sea air is fresh along the docks where the Old Fang Inn is located as the bustle of trading and shipping can be heard from inside the inn. The locals appreciate the break in the rain, but know more is on its way.

Finding their Quarry
Great...More Shit...

5-8 Rova 4712

Following Fenster the Blight’s to Natalya Vancaskerkin’s hideout, the group quickly laid eyes on the dilapidated shack she supposedly calls home. Not wanting to go in guns blazing without any intel, our heroes observed the lair for some time before formulating a plan. In that time they noticed a Varisian thug come out of the building, piss on its side, then return through the door he came.

Entering the Crow
Tower Girls are Tough Bitches

8-10 Rova 4712

The waters around the pilings of the ancient Thassilonian bridge called The Irespan are not for the inexperienced sailor. Changing tidal currents, jagged rock and debris make the sailing in the area dangerous…If not deadly.

Descending Deeper into the Unknown
Vermin Abound

10 Rova 4712

With the Tower Girls defeated, but still no sign of the second shard of the Shattered Star, our heroes find themselves in front of a solid door made of a silvery metal. “Siccatite,” Gurion says. “One of the Star Metals.” It seems Gurion has been doing his homework, too.

Attempts to open the door have resulted in scalding burns whenever the door has been touched. But, Searos and Gedryr are wise and smart, they recognize the similarity between the two sets of Thassilonian runes on the door to those of the Paradox Box they opened their first day together.

Delving Deeper into the Crow
Why, Hello, King Zuuga

10-12 Rova 4712

Returning to Ayala’s chambers, and raiding the Tower Girls stores for food and drink, our heroes decided to rest and recover from the trials of their day. They drank strong Varisian whiskey and told tall tales of their prowess in the day’s battles. Soon, they began their watches and passed the night uneventfully.

Devils and Flame
F'n Conky...

13 Rova 4712

Waking refreshed, and with an early morning view of Outcasts Cove, our merry band of adventurers decided to forgo the fun of underwater exploration, and, instead, retrace their steps and explore the chambers of this level they had yet discovered.

Becoming Knights of Little Eberus
Fighting In Water Blows

13 – 15 Rova 4712

Gedryr and Searos studied the intricate arcane symbols on the floor of this room with its magically fueled fire and discovered that the runes were once part of a powerful trap that summoned fire elementals to defend this chamber, but now have decayed over the millennia to function as a sort of Magic Circle Against Law spell. Gedryr was also able to discover that the fire in the center of the room once held a powerful creature of flame, but, that creature had long since escaped his binding.

Finding the Disappeared
A New Ally Emerges

15 – 17 Rova 4712

With the dangers from the ancient fleshdregs behind them, our heroes moved on, continuing in their Urban FTOJ when Gedryr cast Darkvision on the rogue, Rhondal, allowing him to see in the dark. Slowly and steadily sneaking forward, the Varisian made his way forward, finding a curved corridor sheathed, from floor to ceiling, in rust colored iron plate.


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