Searos Woodsoul

Half-Elf Cleric of Erastil


Tall and lithe, Searos’ dark, thoughtful eyes convey an intense wisdom that belie his years.


Sharing love with beautiful humans is not uncommon amongst the elves – such was the case with Searos’ father, Bhrenit Woodsoul. In Lestari Galonnica, a young Chelaxian maiden from the Barrowood, Bhrenit encountered a passion and impetuosity that was lacking amongst his elven brethren. In Bhrenit, Lestari saw a model of physical perfection – an idealized version of herself. As is often the case, the product of their mutual infatuation, young Searos, created scandal in both families. Bhrenit refused to acknowledge the child, and Lestari’s father disowned his only daughter. The young maiden left the Barrowood, half-elf bastard in tow, never to be seen in Cheliax again.

Little is known of Lestari’s travels, but over the course of many years, she and her son traveled to Varisia, and settled in the city of Riddleport. Searos loathed the city, which was a haven for pirates, thieves, and cut-throats. He found solace outside the city walls, where he would often spend his days exploring the surrounding marshes and fens. It was here that Searos first met the half-elf druid, Calathes. The druid introduced Searos to the god, Erastil, and instilled in him a respect for nature. As his mother slowly succumbed to the temptations of Riddlepot, Searos disengaged from Lestari and stopped returning to the city for days at a time. It wasn’t long before he abandoned the mother than never really cared for him, and deserted the city that he could never call home.

Searos spent the next nineteen years travelling throughout Varisia, exploring the land and dedicating his life to the service of Erastil. Recently, he established a permanent residence outside the city of Sandpoint. As a half-elf, he is a bit of an oddity. But his presence in the town’s watering holes is an event, as Searos is an engaging storyteller with news from the outlying cities and towns.

Searos Woodsoul

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