Rhondal Belliveau

ex-Sczarni Locksmith, Tinker and Shadowslinker


A rather tall and slim man with compact muscles. He is nearly 6 feet tall but a practiced bend to the knees and slink in his step make him seem somehow shorter. Rhondal has a relatively plain face, and keeps the long, thin moustaches of the Varisian people.

Rhondal is heavily tattooed, and while much of his art – like the keys and picks inked across the knuckles of his right hand and the blood-dripping dirk on his left forearm – speak of his Sczarni roots, he also has a considerable amount of traditional Varisian ink. On the center of his chest is a rather recent design, an intricate flower in blue.


While he prefers trim leather pants, knee-high boots, and a bloused white or red shirt with several scarves, Rhondal is a practical man and often hits the road in well-fitted, darkened leathers and carrying an array of blades and bows.

Raised in the Sczarni tradition of violence, brutality and dastardry, his past is behind him. His desire for wealth and diversion is not. Where once he used the end of his blades on any who showed even a bit of wealth, he now focuses his abilities on delving ancient ruins and dungeoneering while seeking out ever more complex locks, mechanisms, and machines to dismantle and study. While working as a locksmith and trapmaker, his fondest desire is to create a mechanical animal for entertainment.

Rhondal died at the hands of Babau demons while exploring the Lady’s Light.

Rhondal Belliveau

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