Lockerbie Brast

Former Firsherman, Now a Lacedon, and Odd Ally


Lockerbie Brast was a former fisherman who was attacked by a lacedon while hauling in his nets. Succumbing to ghoul fever, he crashed his boat, The Liza Jane, into the piling known as “The Crow” and awoke as an undead lacedon. Now, making his home in the sewers of The Crow, Lockerbie paints and sings Magnimarian drinking songs to pass the time.

Lockerbie engaged in an alliance with our heroes as they retrieved the locket he bought for his wife, Liza Jane Brast, and promised to deliver it to her when they return to the surface. For his part, he guided our heroes to the missing citizens of Magnimar and came to aid them when battle was going poorly.


Lockerbie Brast

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