Jasper Kandamerus

Off His Rocker Priest of Groetus


Eccentric, wild-haired, wild-bearded and clothed in wild, patchworked rags, Jasper Kandamerus is a towering figure armed with heavy flail with skull-shaped heads.

Kandamerus’ mind has not been quite right ever since The Heroes of Sandpoint defeated Karzoug, Runelord of Greed, Ruler of Shalast. He currently prowls the poorer neighborhoods of Magnimar preaching the end of the world.

“Rescued” from an attack by a group of drugged-out street thugs, Kandamerus was able to focus his mind long enough to aid our heroes, providing them with information regarding the swamp filled region around The Lady’s Light as well as a really awesome map.


Jasper Kandamerus

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