Gurion RedEmber

The hero... that everyone is looking for


There might be mytril down there!!!


Gurion is from the same hall as the now famous Bahne VerEmber, the great Ember Hall in Janderhoff. Gurion has traveled to Sandpoint looking to meet Bahne and follow in his footsteps as a great adventurer after hearing of his heroic stories.

Gurion worked in the mines for his hall as a deep miner who found new deposits during long lonely journeys. He liked the exploration and adventuring into uncharted passages but found the experience left him empty and wished he could spend it with friends, maybe he could lead expeditions someday. Deciding that he wanted more and hearing of Bahnes adventures he decided to come to the surface and to Sandpoint himself. Once he got there he found that his youth was working against him, he never got hired for anything good, and has yet to meet Bahne. He’s heard that Bahne is up at Fort Rannick with Linden Vandroxen. He would have gone up there himself but he’s stuck in sandpoint at the moment.

After finding leading expeditions to be less lucrative that he had planned Gurion had to get a job. He could have gotten a job with the ship builders but nobody likes them. Instead Gurion decided to put his experience with metals into use and work the front counter of the local jewelers.

He has signs posted and has told locals to come see him if they are looking for a dwarf to lead them into the underdark, he’s just biding his time till he can find adventure. While awaiting opportunity you might be able to find Gurion in the bars neighboring the docks along side Kellfrid Yngvildrsdottir most often listening to her drunken tales of how the sea is better than the underdark. Gurion will often heartily disagree as no self respecting dwarf would enjoy the open water.

Gurion RedEmber

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