Gedryr Telhenar

A tall muscular elf with silver hair and a long curved sword at his waist dressed in simple robes, his eyes constantly searching.


Le edranim. Tulen Aseanallello.
In our never-ending fight against our foes, i have realized that mundane weapons and tactics do not suffice. So i have persuaded my father Eglanon to let me study at the Twilight Academy in the arcane arts. Though my family has no tradition of wizards or sorcerers i cant stand idly by without learning everything i can to help my people. Though i fear for my father in his work with the rangers, i know the knowledge i gather and spells i learn will be worth far more than my sword or bow work ever would.

I bargolodh na parmalost.
Though the shorter lived races do not always maintain a proper perspective, there is no denying their creativity and ingenuity in the mystical arts when they are truly driven. Of late i’ve found myself drawn more and more to the artifacts of ancient thassilon. Knowing of the enormous magical power wielded then, i mastered the language, relatively easily, in order to study closer. To further my studies the Academy has sent me to Magnimar to study in it’s library and explore the Thassilonian ruins which comprise almost the entirety of the city. Recently I was introduced to Ayra Lenoriel, a half-breed of serious distinction in that she was part of the famed group who re-discovered Xin-shalast and deafeated the Runelord Karzoug. Surely the knowledge she has and her resources will lead to some very interesting paths into thassilonian history and it’s magic.


Gedryr Telhenar

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