Brodert Quink

Flighty Thassilonian Scholar with Aggressive Felines


Once the resident sage of the town of Sandpoint, Brodert Quink is undeniably intelligent, yet somewhat flighty.


Once a joke among the Thassilonian scholars of Varisia, Brodert’s many off the wall theories were proven true by the adventuring company, The Heroes of Sandpoint.

Now he’s the one laughing.

Employed by one of the famed Heroes of Sandpoint, Ayra Lenoriel, Brodert serves as the steward of her magnificent estate, Kaijitsu Manor, although to most in Magnimar it’s know, quite reverently, as “Ayra’s Place” (Magnimar has not forgotten her Champions).

He serves as the point of contact for the latest batch of adventurers hired by Ayra and is know to be a facilitator of various requests.

Brodert Quink

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