Elmhurst Geeks and the Shattered Star

Returning to Magnimar

The Predators Become Prey

17 – 18 Rova 4712

With the half-elf Cleric of Erastil, Searos Woodsoul, feeling the pull of the next fragment of the Shattered Star, our heroes searched the derros’ main room with meticulousness. Soon, Rhondal Belleveau, the Varisian rogue, found the almost imperceptible outline of a secret door, hidden for millennia.

Searching the door for a trap, and finding none, the rogue gave way to the dwarf Deep Walker, Gurion RedEmber, who opened the passage and peered in. Expecting to find darkness, he found a passage lit by hundreds of crystals embedded into the ancient ceiling.

The passage led to a circular stairwell leading down, further into the depths of the crow. The group made their way forward, until they reached short set of stairs leading to a set of double doors, bearing the Sihedron Rune prominently on their surface.

After the rogue searched the door and gave the all clear sign, he opened it to reveal a room that shone with a golden light, far brighter than the hall, lit by thousands of crystals embedded in the chamber’s domed ceiling. The entire dome was painted in reds and gold and depicted the glory of ancient Thassilon. An altar in the shape of the Sihedron sat in the center of the room and on it, in one of the arms of the star, sat a black metal shard.

As the group moved into the chamber, two Shriezyx, ancient spider-like creatures of Thassilon, awakened from their long stasis and moved toShriezyx protect the shard. Hissing in Thassilonian, the Shriezyx accused our heroes of being pawns of Karzoug, the Thassilonian Runelord of Greed.

Kellfrid Yngvildrsdottir, Ulfen Shieldmaiden, charged forward to attack these new foes, but as she made her way forward, the Shriezyx cast thick, magical webbing in her path, trapping her in the web. Unable to move, the she-warrior was quickly incapacitated by the spider-like beasts.

Rhondal, meanwhile, deftly picked his way through the webbing but was unable to draw blood with his rapier. Searos’ magic kept the unconscious Kellfrid alive while Gurion and the elf mage, Gedryr Telhenar, used their bows to pepper the creatures, but doing little damage.

With Kellfrid subdued, the Shriezyx moved forward to battle Rhondal who fought them back with furious blade work. Gedryr, who moved close to the webbing, appeared to be a much easier target so the Shriezyx moved in for the kill.

With arrows flying, Searos was able to revive Kellfrid who eagerly plunged Icicle deep into the Shriezyx pair. Rhondal, sensing an opportunity escaped the webbing and grabbed the shard sitting on the altar and returned to the fight.

With all five Do-Gooders of Magnimar now against the Thassilonian creatures, the creatures stood no chance.

With the shard recovered, the group returned to the prisoners, unlocked their cells and freed them. The prisoners were thankful, but cold and naked. Remembering the Tower Girls in the Crow above, some of the group headed up to grab clothing, shoes, food and drink for the famished prisoners.

With the prisoners fed and clothed, the group, secretly saying “farewell” to Lockerbie Brast, followed the sewer tunnels through their winding path, and finally returned to the docks and daylight. Nobody bothered to grab Rhondal’s father’s dead and decaying body.

Once back on the surface, Gedryr used his magic to clean the group and the recently rescued prisoners.

Although the prisoners wished to go back to their homes, they agreed that returning with the group to the Arvensoar and giving their statements to the City Watch was the best idea. So, off to the Arvensoar our group went, meeting again with Sergeant von Justivus and claimed their reward. Excited to have the myster solved, von Justivus thanked the group and suggested they tell Lord-Mayor Groberas their success. As luck would have it, the Lord-Mayor was at Ayra’s manor for a special feast.

Upon their return to Ayra’s, our heroes were informed that one of the famed members of the adventuring band, The Heroes of Sandpoint, known in Magnimar as The Champions of Magnimar, was in town, on his way to his sister’s birthday party in Sandpoint. It was Lord Lindin Vandroxan of the Hook, and his wife, Lady Shayliss. And Lord Lindin loves a good feast.

It was a raucous party, with the city’s finest in attendance. When an aide informed Lord-Mayor Groberas that the mystery of the kidnappings had been solved, the Lord-Mayor quickly took center stage to claim the credit of sending these, “young…people…” to the rescue, following leads he had discovered.

With his self-promoting speech finished, the mayor introduced our heroes, botching several of their names. Taking their bows, the group became the center of attention…Until Lord Lindin reclaimed the spotlight.

The party raged into the wee hours, with Kellfrid and Gurion making the most of the free food and drink and their new found Summit celebrity. Searos and Gedryr, with a less-than-pleased Rhondal, however, retired to the manor’s library, with Brodert Quink, to unload the shard and find out what steps they should take to find the next piece of the Shattered Star.

Once Rhondal had placed the correct Ioun Stone into the shard, he left the meeting to enjoy the booze and women of the party. When Rhondal had left, Searos took the shard and began to meditate. Soon he received a vision of a thick, wet swamp, his mind drawn further to a towering statue of a beautiful woman holding aloft a scepter, her sheer robe open, revealing a proud left breast, standing above a tangled seaside swampland.

When Searos told Gedryr and Brodert of his vision, Brodert recognizes it to be the Lady’s Light, the cyclopean statue of the Runelord Sorshen south of Magnimar in the Mushfens. Armed with this knowledge, Searos and Gedryr began to consult Ayra’s tomes to study the geography of the region.

Brodert, after some thought, informed the pair that there is a man in Magnimar, an “interesting individual” named Jasper Kandamerus, a Cleric of Groetus, who claimed to have spent a considerable amount of time in the swamps to the south. Although he’s “slightly unhinged” and relentlessly preaches the end of the world, Brodert thinks he could have some important information for the party. Then, Brodert sent messengers to the docks, trying to secure ship’s passage for our heroes.

Meanwhile, Gurion, Kellfrid and Rhondal got WASTED.

As the next morning came, a clear and comfortable fall morning, Searos and Gedryr returned to the Founder’s Archives, Magnimar’s great library, to further research Groetus and the area for the group. Gurion, Kellfrid and Rhondal were busy sleeping off their hangovers.

After the research at the library, and Gedryr confirming a suspicion that he had regarding Jasper’s family name, the pair returned to Ayra’s compound to wake their comrades. With the entire group now awake it was decided that Rhondal would guide Gedryr and Searos to the Beacon’s Point neighborhood, where Jasper Kandamerus was known to preach his end of the world sermons. As their companions headed to Beacon’s Point, Gurion and Kellfrid would pick up the dwarf’s new magical bow and get matching war hammers.

Through the streets of Magnimar, into the cramped Beacon’s Point, Rhondal led his comrades, Searos and Gedryr. After spreading some coin and asking around, they were directed to the corner Kandamerus was last known to be preaching. Soon, when they made their way to that corner, a busy intersection of merchants and peddlers, the trio heard a bombastic voice declaring:

“Woe!!! Woe unto thee, O Magnimar, for oblivion approaches and thy lamentations shall drown out the sounds of the sea!!! A Great Whore straddles the multi-headed beast and rides the waves to us, sowing the contaminated seeds of her blasphemies Jasperas she draws nearer. Weep!!! Weep, O Generation of the Damned, for none shall escape the pitiless scythe of oblivion. Heed my warning and turn to Groetus!!! Grasp this mortal hand I offer we shall march into the void together!!!”

Turning the corner, approaching him, Searos, Rhondal and Gedryr could see rear profile of the large, wild-haired, crazy-bearded man they sought. Then, as they approached the street preacher, Kandamerus, without turning around, seemed to sense their presence.

“Behold!!! The Blessed Ushers of the End of Times!!!” he shouted, then turned, as quick as a snake and pointed at our three heroes, “Three of the Five Holy Escorts of Oblivion!!! Soldiers of the Void, Champions of Mighty Groetus himself!!! Behold and Tremble!!! Then take this mortal hand!!!”

Then, as he was staring at the three seeking him, from out of the crowd of buyers and sellers, three black mouthed toughs pushed their way to Kandamerus, the leader shouting, “Oi!!!! Shut your mouth you filthy beggar!! We’ve ‘ad jus-about-enough of your racket scarin’ honest merchants, frightenin’ the customers away with your gloom and doom babble!!! Time to shut his mouth boys!!!”

The crowd, sensing trouble, began to separate and move away, a handful began to shout for the watch. Then, the three toughs fell upon Kandamerus, pummeling him with stout clubs. Japser fell to the ground protecting himself as best as he could and began to shout even more crazed babble.

Seeing this unfold before his eyes, Gedryr attempted to capture the group in a magical, non-lethal, web, but these three no-goodniks were fleet of foot and avoided any entablement.

Jasper Kandamerus was not nimble, at all, and was covered, and trapped prone, in the web while he attempted to roll away from the blows.

Rhondal, not having time for any nonsense like thinking, intimidation, diplomacy or tackling the thugs, assaulted one of the hooligans with his shortsword.

In the middle of a major city.

On a crowded street.

With dozens of witnesses.

All watching the commotion.

Searos, who hoped to use his golden tongue to avoid any confrontation in the middle of a major city, on a crowded street, with dozens of witnesses, all watching the commotion, and thus avoiding any legal entanglements that may occur, saw his plan erode with Rhondal’s attack. With that plan shot, he fired a warning shot over the heads of the toughs and a shouted for them to stand down.

The hoodlums, after being attacked, were in no mood to stand down.

Although they were not expecting any trouble from do-gooder bystanders, the street hoolingans quickly turned their attention Rhondal and began to savagely beat him with their clubs. Rhondal, unsupported in his attack, was unable to withstand their repeated blows and fell unconscious next to the babbling, trapped, Kandamerus.

Searos attempted to help his comrade and waded into the fray, but he too was pummeled with the thugs’ clubs. After withdrawing to a safe distance, Searos decided the best plan was to heal Rhondal from afar. Meanwhile, the street toughs pinned the Varisian rogue to the ground and began to frisk him, grabbing Rhondal’s rapier and shortsword and gazing upon them appreciatively.

With the thugs’ attention diverted by shiny objects, Gedryr cast Invisiblity on Kandamerus. But, Kandamerus no longer interested the three toughs. With a “We’ll be back for you, old man…” the three black mouthed toughs waved their stolen weapons and tossed around the coin purse they took off the unconscious rogue.

With the thugs gone, Gedryr dispelled his Web spell and the Invisibility he cast on Kandamerus. Searos healed Rhondal then turned his attention to Kandamerus, who was rolling around in the mud, shouting crazed proclamations to no one in particular.



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