Elmhurst Geeks and the Shattered Star

Getting Past the Portcullis

Kellfrid is Introduced to a New Activity

29 – 30 Rova 4712

With the gate finally unlocked, but unopened, Searos Woodsoul, cleric of Erastil, surveyed the scene and called for his badly bloodied comrades to withdraw and regroup. As they withdrew back to the beach, they could hear the taunting call of their bone-white foe call out, “Oh, such a shame, seems like my fun is done for the day…” and then they heard the cruel click of the portcullis’s lock snapping back in place.

Back on the beach, our heroes took stock of the situation and took time to heal. Determined to find a way through the barricade, the group made a plan, hefted their weapons, readied their spells and headed back to the portcullis.

When they returned, even their foe showed sympathy for them, shouting out, “For pity’s sake…leave while you can…I shall not let you pass…”

But, still our heroes advanced.

Hiding behind the magic of the elven wizard, Gedryr Telhenar, the Varisian rogue, Rhondal Belliveau, made his way to the gate and set to work on the lock. Behind him, his comrades came to support him.

After his abject failure earlier in the day, Rhondal appeared a new man, focused and highly skilled, the rogue made quick work of the lock, not only opening it, but springing the door open. With this, his comrades who had been taking a beating at the hands of their foe, charged through the now open doorway and, now five on one, made quick work of their rapier wielding, magic casting enemy.

Searching the room and their foe, who Searos recognized to be a dhampir, the living offspring of a vampire and mortal woman, the group gathered what they could and, still wounded and low on healing, returned to the beach. But, not before Rhondal used his skill to relock the portcullis in a manner that it could not be opened with the switch or easily from the other side of the group and set up some devious traps along the way.

The party then rested and awoke refreshed, ready to continue their exploration.

Heading back through the portcullis room, our heroes continued through the next doorway revealing a hallway, curving to the south, lined with a single row of pillars, each carved in the likeness of Sorshen, the Runelord of Lust. Wary of the columns from their encounter with the caryatid columns at the Lady’s Light entrance, the group took no chances and were not surprised when the Sorshen’s heads disconnected from the pillars and moved to attack.

While these marble sentinels were stout foes, our heroes managed to dispatch them with little difficulty. Receiving healing, collecting arrows, the group moved on, and following a long hallway heading west, found another locked door.

Again, Rhondal took control of the situation and quickly picked the lock and carefully opened the door. But, as soon as the door opened, a voice from the room was heard, “Excellent. New playthings…” and a wave of Crushing Despair washed over the group.

Peering into the room, the group found a darkly handsome male humanoid with batlike wings and curving horns flying into a defensive position, ready to take on intruders.

However, the incubus’s magic filled most of the group with a sense of hopelessness, effecting their ability to fight. Arrows flew and spells were cast, but nothing seemed to phase this creature from the Abyss who charmed Rhondal and Kellfrid Yngvildrsdottir, shield maiden from the frozen north.

After carving his way through those foes he did not bother charming, the incubus returned to the center of his room and ordered Rhondal to defend him and Kellfrid to get on her knees and, after undoing his britches, please him. Rhondal took up a position to defend the incubus while Kellfrid began to fellate the demon.

With a reprieve for being attacked the remaining members of the group healed and came up with a plan to strike. Gedryr led the way, unleashing a magical assault on the demon along with the arrow attacks of Gurion RedEmber, Deep Walker of Janderhoff, and Searos.

Annoyed by this interruption, and overconfident, the incubus ordered his “guard” Rhodal to “kill that elf…” At this command, the Varisian was able to break the control of the spell and he turned and ruthlessly attacked his foe.

Kellfrid, balls deep, was still working feverishly at fellating the incubus until he kicked her off and moved to defend himself.

But, it was too late.

Our heroes slowly gained the momentum and, not without injury, they managed to lay low this beast from the Abyss.

Kellfrid soon returned to her own senses, and the group took stock of their situations and decided to move deeper into the Lady’s Light.

Finding a door this room they agreed to open it standing ready, and upon opening it, discovered a dreadfully hot, large, octagonal chamber. The very air shimmered with head nearly dripped with humidity that left every surface of the polished white, marbled room shiny with condensation. The ceiling rose to a dome thirty feet high and ahead, at ten feet, the floor rose up in a three foot step, then again at twenty feet. In the center of the room a strange gray flame danced in a central firepit. Two smaller chambers led to the south and west, while to the east, a ten-foot-square section of wall was dull gray, contrasting with the white of the marble surrounding it. A single torch in a sconce stood, unlit, in the middle of the gray section of wall.

Searching the room, the magic users discovered that the torch radiates faint transmutation magic and that it had been lit at some point in the past. Deciding to light it with the strange gray flame in the center of the room, Rhondal took the torch and, when he began to climb the three-foot step, was attacked by four creatures that sprung forth from the flame.

To a less experienced band, these creatures, identified as cacodaemons, may have proved difficult, if not fatal. But, to our band of heroes, steeled through weeks of combat, these creatures fell quickly.

Then, when peace returned to the room, Rhondal lit the torch and returned it to its sconce. When he did, the gray section of wall pivoted outward like a huge gray door, revealing a well-lit stairwell descending downwards. Faced with a choice to head downward or continue to search this level, the group decided to continue on searching this level and began to search the room.



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