Elmhurst Geeks and the Shattered Star

A Way Into the Lady's Light

That Was an Eventful Day

27 Rova 4712

After waking and healing and doing their morning routine, our heroes linked up with their troglodyte guide, Arzevev, who was clad in his late cleric’s leather armor. Deciding that they would investigate this beast called, Gegganalleg, or “Many Mouths” in the common tongue, Arzevev led them to the creature’s lair.

Gedryr, using his knowledge, of the arcane, thought this many-mouthed creature could be a hydra, a beast known to dwell in this environment.

Finding Gegganalleg’s cave, Gurion ventured into the blackness to investigate. And, besides a wide array of coins, he found a copper scaled hydra, sound asleep in a deeper recess of the cave. Reporting this to his comrades, they came up with a “plan” to quickly dispatch this vile beast and headed out to follow said “plan.”

Arzevev stayed behind to “guard the rear.”

Heading forth, our mighty heroes executed their well-devised plan. Until they didn’t. Somewhere along the way our heroes misunderstood the plan and it was shot to Hell. They hydra, a light sleeper, awoke to a gaggle of humanoids bumbling through his domicile and he revealed himself to be a pyrohydra by executing his own plan, which involved breathing fire from each of its five heads.

With that, the group sprang to action by running around the cave leaving Kellfrid facing the pyrohydra mano a headso. It didn’t go well for the barbarian from the north as she was quickly knocked out of the fight.

The rest of the group fired arrows and spells from a distance and soon Gegganalleg was no more.

Rushing to Kellfrid, Searos used his magical healing to revive and resuscitate Kellfrid. The rest pilfered the booty from the cave and confirmed that there is a passage in the cave leading somewhere to the west, possibly to the Lady’s Light.

Checking “Kill Gegganalleg” off the group’s To-do List, they moved on to the Boggard camp to even the playing field on the Lady’s Cape and rescue whatever troglodytes they could find.

Marching through the day, the group, led by Arzevev, found the boggard village spread out before them in the swamp as the sun began to set. A firm track led to the village and continued through it, surrounded by deep bog. The group decided to send their scouting duo, Gurion and Rhondal into the village with some vague directions of “not to engage…”

Sneaking slowly, half trudging and half swimming through dank swampy water, Gurion and Rhondal finally reached the village as the final rays of sun shone. Climbing quietly from the bog to the firm track, the duo made their way to the first boggard hut they saw. Gurion, with his well-honed darkvision pulled a flimsy leather curtain aside and peered into an empty hut.

Slowly, they slinked their way to the next hut, but this time, as Gurion pulled the curtain aside, a boggard was staring at him with the same quizzical look that Gurion had.

With an, “Oh, shit,” in both dwarven and boggard, Gurion hoped to quickly silence the creature, but his blow did not neutralize the boggard. As Gurion tried to silence the boggard, Rhondal quickly, yet stealthily, made his way back to the bog, jumped in the swamp, began his slow swim to his comrades. Meanwhile, the boggard, after recovering from the shock of seeing a dwarf in his doorway, emitted a terrifying croak to alert his village to danger.

With the croak echoing through the village, Kellfrid, Searos, Gedryr and Arzevev, the comrades Rhondal was retreating towards, knew the stealth part of the engagement was over, and quickly made their way to the village to support their comrades.

Now, with croaking beginning to resonate from many places throughout the village, Gurion and the boggard were locked in a life or death struggle. Boggards began to emerge from their huts, armed with filthy morning stars and itching for a fight. Searos, Kellfrid and Arzevev continued their sprint towards the village while Gedryr, eager to show off some of the spells he acquired, cast Fly on himself and flew off to the fight.

However, try as he might, the spell only produced flight at one maximum speed so he could only travel that one speed. But, still he tried to fly faster. And he tried again. And, still, again…

Seeing his comrades sprinting past him, towards the fight, Rhondal reversed course and made his way slowly back from where he came.

Now the fight was fully joined. Searos provided overwatch with his bow and Kellfrid, Arzevev and Gurion stood firm against the boggards. Gedryr provided a magical aerial bombardment while Rhondal was swimming back to the fight.

As the first wave of boggards was being neutralized, a new threat emerged from a hut deeper in the village. The brood mother, Mama Beballa and her mighty bow joined the fight with her two bodyguards. Gedryr flew towards this new foe, passing over a nasty looking pool in the center of the village. After making a mental note to himself to avoid the creature wallowing in the pond…Gedryr tried to fly faster.

And still he couldn’t.

Abandoning the attempt to fly faster, the wizard began to rain magic down on the brood mother.

Rhondal made it back to the village and plotted a course around the huts to flank the brood mother.

As Gurion, Kellfrid and Arzevev killed the boggards they faced, they made their way to the large, more ornamentally decorated hut near the center of the village. Searos made his way toward his party in support when, from the great hut, a female boggard emerged and spoke to the group, in boggard.

Thankfully, Searos had the foresight to learn this language, as Gedryr had chosen to learn Draconic, both important languages to know in the marsh. Quickly, Searos translated, into common, for his comrades, “Well done, man-types. Thank you for getting rid of the riff-raff in the village, although that troglodyte scum doesn’t belong here. Kill that bitch, Mama Beballa (motions to the brood mother shooting arrows at you), and Mighty Daghop, king, will reward you!!!”

So, the group went off to kill Mama Beballa. Which they did.

With that done, and his comrades fleecing the dead boggards, Searos went into Full On Diplomatic Mode with the Boggard females. It turns out that they are King Daghop’s Bodyguard-wives, ordered by their king to guard his hut from Mama Bellaba and her riff-raff. That was all fine and good, but Searos wanted to know where the troglodyte prisoners were.

With a scoff, the lead bodyguard-wife said, “those scum are dead. Well, most are. One was still alive yesterday, locked in the Filth Farm,” she shrugs and motions ambiguously to an area to the south. However, once Searos looks to the south he can see a visible miasma of decay hanging over a hut, thick with a cloud of buzzing flies.

Searos didn’t need crazy wisdom to deduce that was the “Filth Farm.”

The group quickly rescued the last troglodyte, Sulgesh’s mate and Arzevev’s sister, Azoresh. Searos healed her and tended to her wounds, reviving the lifeless Azoresh. She thanked the cleric and upon seeing her brother in the company of man-types, was very confused.

A quick explanation from Arzevev calmed the female and they both thanked the group for their aid and headed back to their caverns and the hope for a new era.

With that mission of mercy accomplished, Searos returned to the bodyguard-wives and asked to collect the reward from “Mighty Daghop, king.” One of the bodyguard-wives agreed to take the group to the king and off they went.

Finding the king and his oathmen brooding in their temple cave, the bodyguard-wife announced that “Mama Beballa is dead, the revolt has been crushed by these heroes!!”

King Daghop, standing in victory, then announced, “Good, I am glad my hands did not need to spill the blood of my clan, for tomorrow I was going to march back to our village with my loyal warriors,” gesturing to a very surprised group of Boggards, “and quell this misguided rebellion!!!”

An awkward silence followed.

Finally, King Daghop broke the awkward silence he created, “What reward could I bestow on such great warriors?”

Searos, again in FODM, replied, firmly, that the group would like use of the passage to the Lady’s Light and whatever “magic juice” they have to subdue the “giant snapping grabber bugs” that dwell in the caverns.

A small price to pay for the return of his throne, Daghop thought, but was a bit vexed that even more man-types would be trudging through his temple, but he readily agreed.

With that, King Daghop triumphantly made his way back to the village, while the group began to bed down for the night.



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